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Tire mounting and balancing

Tire mounting and balancing

At the TavasRiepas.lv tire service centres, we use the latest Hofmann and Sicam equipment which allows us to mount tires with high precision, at a high quality and in fast pace. Save your time and don't wait in line. Sign up for tire fitting or other services online!

How do we accomplish our tasks?

In case the car is equipped with air suspension, prior to lifting the car, the tire replacement mode is activated.

When unscrewing and fastening the lug bolts or nuts, screwing bits and sockets according to specifics of the wheel are used. In case of anti-theft bolts or nuts, they are handled with even higher care. During mounting of the tires and wheels, the tire seat is thoroughly cleaned and the old balancing weights are removed. Black balancing weights are used for black wheels. Care and best practice are followed throughout the entire assembly process.

Prior to fitting the new wheels on the vehicle, the wheel centre axle and bolts are cleaned and sprayed with copper grease to keep the bolting area dry and to protect it from corrosion and dust of friction material and metal. The highly qualified specialists of TavasRiepas.lv will torque the lug bolts or nuts with a torque wrench, which tightens the fastener with appropriate force.

During installation, the air valves will also be checked for damage and air leaks. The tires are inflated to the air pressure specified by the car manufacturer. At the tire service centre TavasRiepas.lv in Riga, our customers can get the tire pressure sensors programmed and/or repaired, as well as get the tires filled with nitrogen.

When changing tires, the car wheels are also checked for mechanical deformation, cracks and other defects. In case if required, we can offer wheel straightening (rolling).

Relatively often, uneven tire wear is observed during tire assembly, which significantly shortens the life of the tire. Specialists of TavasRiepas.lv will notify you about this and advise adjusting alignment and toe in order to prevent this from happening with the new tires.

We provide advice on the suitability of removed tires for use next season. In addition, we offer the possibility to store tires for seasonal storage or tire utilization, if they have reached the end of their service life. If the customer takes the tires with him or her, we put them in new plastic bags.

– How much time will tire mounting and balancing take?

Mounting and balancing of four tires will take up to 45 minutes.

– How much does it cost?

 Please refer for price-list here.




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