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Tyre utilization

TavasRiepas.lv is a responsible company that cares for clean and tidy Latvia. In cooperation with SIA Zaļā Josta and SIA Latvijas zaļais fonds we carry out waste management of environmentally harmful goods, ensuring their collection and recycling. Caring for the environment also involves paying a natural resource tax on the amount of tires and tires sold.
It is very important that worn tires are recycled because their natural decomposition period is extremely high. By grinding the tires, the rubber powder is obtained. The resulting powder can be obtained as a filler in the production of new rubber. Can also be used in construction, road construction, various pallets, buffers and mats, as well as many other places.
Passed tires can be left at TavasRiepas.lv service centers, but please note that this is a paid service. (price list)

When buying or changing tires at our service center in Kārļa Ulmaņa gatve 205, Riga, old tires can be handed over for utilization at no extra paid.
Tyre utilization

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