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Tyre pressure sensors

Tire Pressure Sensor Programming
In our TavasRiepas.lv tire service center in Riga we offer programming, installation and repair of tire pressure sensors.
TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System), which warns the driver of the loss of pressure in one or more tires.
There are two types of TPMS: direct and indirect.
The direct TPMS system uses sensors placed in the tires and monitored for tire pressure. Some sensors are even capable of measuring temperature. The resulting data is sent to a centralized control module in a car where it is analyzed and if the pressure is lower than it should be, the driver is warned on the control panel. Each sensor has a unique serial number so that the system does not mix data with another car, as well as data from each tire. It should be noted that many automakers use sensors produced by other companies, so their service or replacement will require an experienced and knowledgeable technician.
The sensors are powered by disposable batteries when they are empty, so it's time to replace the sensors. With us you will be able to buy new sensors that will be replaced by our experienced masters. Over time, the exhaust components of the valve, which can be replaced separately, also wear out.
The average cost per sensor is EUR 45.00.
The indirect TPMS system is based on wheel speed sensors used by the ABS system. It measures the speed of each wheel. Based on this data, it is possible for a “on-board” computer to determine the tire size, if it is reduced, it will alert the driver. The indirect system does not actually measure tire pressure, it measures the rotation speed and sends a signal to the computer. Advantages of this system - no need for special maintenance, no need to install a second set of sensors for winter or summer tires. Minus - The system only informs the driver if the pressure loss is more than 30%.
Does my car have TPMS?
If there is a check mark on the control panel - (!) Then your car is equipped with a tire pressure measurement system. The direct TPMS will also reflect the actual pressure in each tire (also the car is not in motion), but will only warn indirectly if the tire pressure is set and the car will be in motion.
 When do you need maintenance or system renewal?
Changing the tires (if the tires are removed from the rims) or when the TPMS warning light on the vehicle control panel lights up.
The service is available at TavasRiepas.lv service center in Riga, Kārļa Ulmaņa gatve 205.
- How long will it take?
On average, one car's TPMS programming takes 20 minutes (no tire change).
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