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Bridgestone warranty campaign

Bridgestone warranty campaign

Let us surprise you!

Purchase a set of Bridgestone or Firestone tyres and receive a 1 year of extended warranty against unexpected tyre damage.

Conditions for participation

The offer runs from 15/03/2019 to 31/12/2020.

The warranty campaign is valid for 12 (twelve) months from the date of purchase of tyres stated in the proof of purchase.

Please note that the extended warranty only applies if the purchased tyres are fitted at our service centre to ensure a high standard of work.

To receive the extended warranty, you need to register your purchase at www.safetyre.lv under “Registration”.

Registration of purchase is a mandatory requirement for participation in the Extended Warranty Campaign. The registration form should include:

-Name, surname

- E-mail address

- Number of proof of purchase

- Vehicle registration plate number

A purchase that is not registered is not eligible for the Extended Warranty Campaign.

The warranty becomes effective on the day of purchase of the tyres.

You must retain the proof of purchase (receipt or invoice). The proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) and the registration application are mandatory requirements for participation in the Extended Warranty Campaign.

One person can register an unlimited number of tyre sets; a separate proof of purchase has to be registered for each set.

During the warranty campaign period, 1 (one) tyre shall be replaced or repaired only once if damaged.

Processing of private personal data

The data controller is SIA Bridgestone Baltics, a company registered in the Republic of Latvia, Registration Number 40103173592, legal address: Dzelzavas 117-303, Riga, LV-1021, Latvia, tel. 6716 2028; e-mail: bridgestone_baltics@bridgestone.eu

By submitting the registration application for participation in the Extended Warranty Campaign, the Participant agrees to the processing of his/her personal data required to carry out the Extended Warranty Campaign.

The organiser of the Extended Warranty Campaign will retain your personal data until you withdraw your consent to the processing of the data.

The Participant may access the full privacy policy at www.safetyre.lv

Damage reporting procedure

If the tyres you have purchased become damaged during use, do not hesitate to contact us. Our specialist will examine them and carry out repair or provide you with a new tyre/tyres within three working days. Please take a valid proof of identity with you.  

The warranty applies to tyre damage that falls into any of the following categories:

- the tyre has become damaged (punctured, cut) on the road;

- the tyre has become damaged in an accident, scuffed, impacted obstacles, etc.;

- the tyre has become damaged by fire.

The replacement or repair of the damaged tyre is free of charge, however you will have to cover the costs associated with replacement (dismantling, fitting, balancing, etc.).

The warranty does not apply to tyre damage that falls into any of the following categories:

- incorrectly used tyres (i.e., in breach of the instruction of use), including, but not limited to:

incorrect tyre pressure, overloading, spinning tyres/wheels, use of unsuitable tyres, damage from tyre chains, misuse or abuse, negligence or modifications made to the tyres;

- tyres used after the maximum wear indicator has been reached;

- tyres that have become damaged while fitting or balancing at other vehicle workshops;

- tyres that have been repaired, fixed, regrooved or restored;

- tyres that have become damaged by damaged suspension or brakes, oil or chemical fluid leaks, water or other substances, intentional damage or abuse;

- tyres used in racing or other types of competition or used in off-road conditions if not designed for it;

- tyres with any other damage caused by improper action or inaction of the Buyer.

Submitting Extended Warranty Campaign claims; claim review procedure and terms

The Buyer can submit a warranty claim to the organiser of the Extended Warranty Campaign within 5 (five) working days by sending a written application to SIA Bridgestone Baltics:

• Bridgestone Baltics SIA, Dzelzavas 117-303, Riga, LV-1021

• bridgestone_baltics@bridgestone.eu and making reference to the Extended Warranty Campaign. In the claim, the claimant shall describe objections in detail and attach the documents referred to in the claim or copies thereof.

The organiser of the Extended Warranty Campaign shall review the claim and respond to it within 5 (five) days from receiving it. If the organiser of the Campaign finds that the claim is justified, it shall respond to the claimant under the procedure and conditions of claim settlement. In the case of an unsatisfactory response, the Participant is entitled to seek the protection of his/her rights and statutory interests according to the law.

The organiser of the Extended Warranty Campaign shall not under any circumstances assume any liability for any special damage caused by actions or inaction in violation of the conditions of the warranty.

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