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NEW! Air conditioner recharging.

Tavasriepas.lv offers recharging and diagnostics of air conditioners.   Our professional specialists perform diagnostics and recharging of car air conditioning systems using the latest-generation equipment. Vehicle manufacturers recommend inspecting the air conditioning system at least once a year. The diagnostics involves checking for any leaks in the air conditioning system and then refilling the system with the quantity of gas specified by the manufacturer.   The diagnostics includes the following steps:   the remaining gas is extracted from the system; vacuum is created in the system to check its tightness; the system is cleared of moisture and various contaminants; the conditioning system is filled with the quantity of gas specified by the manufacturer, as well as special oil and ultraviolet dye (if it is necessary to locate the refrigerant leak).   The amount of air conditioning gas in grams (g) is determined according to the vehicle specifications. The type of gas specified by the vehicle manufacturer should be used.  Even when the weather is cool or even cold, the air conditioning system should be turned on briefly at least every couple of weeks. This will ensure the appropriate lubrication of the equipment, extend the lifetime of seals and connections, and result in less frequent refills. A condensate puddle forms under the vehicle when actively using the air conditioning system in cold weather. This is normal because moisture condenses as the air is being cooled. This shows that the conditioning system is operating normally and is no reason to be concerned.   

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