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Air conditioner recharging

Air conditioner recharging

Thinking of your comfort, we offer the inspection, maintenance and refill of vehicle air conditioner.

How car air conditioners are diagnosed and refilled at Tavasriepas.lv:

Inspection and preventive maintenance of air conditioning system.

The following steps are performed before filling the refrigerant:

compressor performance test,

measuring the incoming cabin air temperature,

checking the amount of air conditioning gas in the system,

checking the air conditioning system for leaks,

removing the used oil, fluids and condensate from the system.

Only after it is established that the air conditioning system is in order, is the system filled with the amount of refrigerant specified by the vehicle manufacturer and a special oil for improved performance of the system. We also use ultraviolet dye to help locate any leaks if the air conditioning system is not fully airtight.


The amount of refrigerant.

A special aircon diagnostics and recharge unit connected to your car removes any remaining refrigerant from the system and measures whether it is sufficient. The unit “knows” what amount of refrigerant should be in the car based on the vehicle specifications. The system is recharged with the specified volume.

TavasRiepas.lv recommends carrying out maintenance/diagnostics once every 2-3 years for relatively new cars, or once a year if the car is more than 7 years old. The service takes approximately 45 minutes.



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