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Poor quality tyres? HAND IN your plates!

Poor quality tyres? HAND IN your plates!


We would like to let you know that from now on, vehicles not equipped with suitable tyres will be banned from driving on public roads and have their roadworthiness certificate cancelled and number plates taken away.

According to the national traffic safety administration, this decision was taken after the unflattering results of vehicle inspections in Daugavpils region when, in early December, joint inspections by the Traffic Safety Administration and the State Police revealed that even in icy and snowy conditions drivers choose to use unsafe tyres – completely worn winter tyres or even worn summer tyres. Such vehicles endanger both their drivers and other road users.

28 out of 500 vehicles inspected in Daugavpils region were equipped with unsafe tyres.

The Traffic Safety Administration has warned that such inspections will continue in other regions of Latvia and increased attention will be paid to the condition of vehicle tyres.

If vehicle faults that are deemed hazardous for road safety (rating 3 in roadworthiness test) are found during these joint inspections by the Traffic Safety Administration and the State Police, the vehicle will be banned from being used on the road. In such a case the inspector will confiscate the number plates and cancel the traffic permit. This can only be recovered after repairing the vehicle and passing the roadworthiness test.

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