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Choosing Osram vehicle bulbs.

Choosing Osram vehicle bulbs.


Although the latest car models boast farsighted LED or even laser headlights and xenon (high-intensity discharge) bulbs are common among vehicles even ten years old, the majority of the vehicles on the road still use the good old halogen bulbs. Osram special series bulbs provide much improved illumination, while complying with traffic and roadworthiness regulations, which are often violated by replacing the 55-watt bulb with a hundred-watt one “because it’s brighter” or installing “Chinese xenon”.

«The Night Breaker now burns longer

       An unbeatable leader of Osram special bulbs for some three years running is the Night Breaker Unlimited. Thanks to a specially durable filament and special coating, Night Breaker ensures up to 110% better illumination, 20% whiter light and up to a 40 m longer light beam. The Unlimited name was applied after improving the materials and design of Night Breaker bulbs for a significantly longer service life than the first generation model. Although Night Breaker Unlimited is available in almost all most popular standards, these bulbs are recommended for use in high beam and section headlights. An amateur video showing a discernible comparison of Night Breaker Unlimited and standard bulbs:

Cool Blue - almost like real xenon»

      Whiter light is often not only a matter of safety, but also style. This is where Osram Cool Blue Intense comes in. Up to 20% higher light intensity and up to 4,200 kelvin colour temperature offers uniform, xenon-like illumination. If the visual image is not a priority, Osram Silverstar 2.0 or Original Line bulbs will suffice: they are half as expensive, but offer nearly the same luminous flux – 1,300-1,400 lm for an H7 type bulb. Cool Blue Intense has higher brightness in candelas: around 21,000 cd versus 13,000-16,000 for bulbs of cheaper series. It should be noted that the higher the lm and cd values, the shorter the lifespan of the bulb. It is considered that bulbs producing above 18,000 candelas can ensure really good illumination in dark, snowless conditions, while only the top models reach and exceed 20,000. A bulb that costs two and a half euros will have 12,000 candelas at best. In any case, Osram Silverstar 2.0 produces up to 60% more light and 20 metre longer light beam than standard bulbs, but are considerably cheaper than Cool Blue, not to mention the exclusive Night Breaker Unlimited. Where cost is one of the primary considerations, Osram Ultra Life will be the best choice. This is the only bulb with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty (proof of purchase must be preserved) because the service life is up to three times longer than that of standard bulbs.

Osram Xenarc unbeaten in Auto Bild test

      The Osram special series also includes xenon bulbs. One of the hottest models of the season is the Night Breaker Unlimited Xenarc, which obtained the highest available “Very Good” rating in the high-intensity discharge bulb test by the German car magazine Auto Bild. Osram bulbs stand out not only with light output, but also good anti-dazzle properties, which cannot be said about xenon lamps of lesser-known manufacturers. Since xenon bulbs by leading manufacturers are expensive, especially in the case of special series, the temptation to replace them with something else at a fraction of the cost is great. The Auto Bild test, however, revealed that their brightness is also ten times lower. If, for example, Osram Night Breaker Xenarc has 130,563 cd, then Limastar Superwhite Vision only has 16,590 cd, which is even less than the best halogen bulbs. It should be noted that second place in this xenon bulb comparison (Auto Bild issue 43, 23.10.2015) was taken by another Osram product – the Cool Blue Intense Xenarc.

A wide range of Osram bulbs in stock. We also offer replacement starting from EUR 3 per bulb.

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