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Wheel accessories – studs, nuts, flanges, rings, safety studs.

Wheel accessories – studs, nuts, flanges, rings, safety studs.


Tavasriepas.lv offers a wide selection of wheel studs and nuts, as well as safety studs, hub centric rings, centre caps, wheel spacers and flanges.

Studs and nuts.

We offer high-quality studs and bolts made by BIMEC in Italy.

For some drivers, studs are simply studs and not many know their differences. The principal differences between various studs and nuts are the thread thickness, thread pitch and thread length. There are, however, other key differences, such as socket shape and head size.

Our experienced employees will select the appropriate studs or nuts for your vehicle to fasten your alloy or steel wheels securely and accurately. Incorrectly selected studs or bolts can be hazardous and cause dangerous and problematic situations, for example, loose wheels while driving or unrepairable damage to wheels.

The full range of studs and nuts is available from our online store: https://www.tavasriepas.lv/screws

Security studs and nuts.

Security studs or nuts are designed to protect the wheels against theft. Fitting wheels with this type of stud makes the work of thieves much harder. These safety studs can only be removed using a special key that only the owner has, similar to a house door key. There are different safety studs and nuts, some of which are simple and some more complex. Care should be taken not to lose this safety stud key because extracting the safety stud is a cumbersome and time-consuming task.

Hub centric rings. Sometimes the wheel centre diameter is larger than the wheel hub diameter on the vehicle. In such cases, the difference must be compensated using hub centric rings. Incompatible wheel and hub centre diameters are dangerous because the wheel are then held attached to the car by the studs only and not supported by the hub, creating additional load on the studs. This increases the risk that the wheel may become separated during driving. In addition, this shortcoming can result in a rough ride and vibration because the wheels are not accurately centred on the hub.

Our expert technicians will inspect and, if necessary, select the appropriate hub centric rings for your car.

The range of hub centric rings is available here: https://www.tavasriepas.lv/rings

Flanges and wheel spacers. Flanges and wheel spacers are designed to change the position of the wheels and their offset in the wheel arch. Or, to put it simply – to move the wheels outwards.

This is most often done for style reasons, but can also be required to fit the vehicle with wheels of a certain desired size and width. When using flanges, you will also need longer studs.

The range of flanges is available here: https://www.tavasriepas.lv/flanci2

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