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Full vehicle diagnostics

Full vehicle diagnostics

Dear reader, If you are shopping for a preowned vehicle but are unsure about the technical condition of the car you are considering, TavasRiepas.lv service centre at K. Ulmaņa gatve 205 in Riga offers pre-purchase diagnostics. Our specialists will examine all key components and perform a test drive to draw up a comprehensive report of the car in question. You can then make the decision to buy or look elsewhere. The diagnostics includes: *running gear diagnostics; *electric system inspection using Bosch diagnostic equipment; *visual inspection of structural elements; *visual inspection of bodywork; *paintwork thickness check; *visual inspection of the interior and operation of comfort amenities; *checking for oil and other fluid leaks; *inspection of technical condition of tyres and wheels; *checking vehicle data in the Traffic Safety Administration database; *test drive. After the diagnostics, you will receive a report with the results and comments. The price of this service is EUR 50 including VAT. Book an appointment Choose wisely! Your TavasRiepas.lv team

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